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We will do it a little better than expected:

There's fast food, and then there's us. We are driven by an urge to show that fast food is so much more and better than just the quick fix. Our food is freshly prepared from good ingredients and with a taste that we want to exceed expectations. We aim for the perfect balance between taste, freshness and speed, in cozy surroundings and with the experience of feeling welcome, seen, heard and pampered .

The world and our guests are digital - and we make art after them. We know that ease of use and the involvement of guests are a prerequisite for our success. Digitalisation, AI and technology are therefore an important part of our agenda and are about making everything a little easier and faster, for the benefit of both guests and ourselves .

We have the desire and ambitions for growth. Not just growth for growth's sake, but because growth is an important component of the fuel that gives our dreams, hopes and potential air under our wings. With growth comes strength, stability and the opportunity to decide for ourselves the direction of our common future. For every challenge we overcome and for every victory we celebrate, the courage, the desire and the will to challenge what already exists becomes bigger, stronger and wilder. Growth and financial results are important, but it is the skills, personal initiative and behavior that have created the results that are essential to our continued success.

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  • Daniel Proctor
    May 11, 2024 at 5:31 pm

    Amazing burgers and fries! The fries are oven baked but they taste amazing, definitely check it out if you are in Denmark 🇩🇰

  • Jason Casper
    May 11, 2024 at 5:54 pm

    Had a burger at the airport in Copenhagen, absolutely amazing.. way better than McDonald’s

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