Terms & Conditions

Before you become a member of WOW you must read, agree to and accept all of the terms and conditions outlined on this web page.

‘We’, ‘Our’ means Wow Deals
‘Site’, ‘Website’ – means Student Wow Deals (admin@studentwowdeals.com)

We reserve the right to amend the below terms and conditions at any time. In the case of an amendment, we will notify our cardholders through email and on our Website.

Cardholder terms of use:

A WOW membership is valid from date of purchase to the date of expiry listed on the front of the card. After this date the card will not be honored by any WOW partner.
To qualify for WOW discounts, you must be a current high school student or enrolled tertiary student, either in Australia or overseas. Any discount partner of WOW reserves the right to only offer a discount or deal to a WOW member who is able to present a WOW discount card as well as a valid student ID.
To qualify for WOW discounts, purchases must be made by the cardholder. Attempted misuse or deliberate sharing of cards could result in confiscation.
Our discounts are exclusively available to WOW cardholders who present their card at the point of sale, or who claim a discount online through the use of a provided discount code.
Point of sale discounts can only be obtained through the presentation of a valid WOW discount card; valid is defined as being within the expiry date printed on the front of the card, as well as not being an imitation of a WOW discount card.
WOW is not liable for the welfare of WOW cardholders; we are not liable for any bad experiences a cardholder might have with a participating partner; WOW will not be involved in a dispute between a cardholder and a participating partner. In the event of a bad experience we would however appreciate an email to admin@studentwowcard.com.au for informational purposes only.
WOW will not issue replacement cards in events where cards are either: (a) lost or misplaced, (b) damaged and rendered inoperable.
WOW is not liable for the withdrawal of any participating discount partners and WOW cardholders have the advantage of benefiting from any additional discount partners that join us at a later stage. Discount partners may change during the validity period of a WOW discount card.
A WOW discount card is for students only, however We are not liable for any circumstance where a cardholder may not be a student.
Some events and promotions are age restricted to 18+ events. We will do our best to communicate this to our members, but we will not be liable should any underage members gain access to 18+ events. It is the sole responsibility of the partner holding the event to ensure all patrons are legally permitted to attend/enter.
Terms and conditions of deals and discounts:

Usage of card may be restricted when used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotion. See individual terms and conditions for each partner on our deals page for more details.
Website terms of use:

Information on our Website is for informational purposes only. We do not warrant the accuracy of the information on the Site. WOW employees will not be liable for any damages occurring due to a connection with information provided on our website or through a connection with the WOW brand/scheme. This damage is inclusive of damage of any kind, including direct or indirect damage as well as a loss of profit and/or income.
We strive to update our Website and social media channels as frequently and accurately as possible, however We are not liable for any information being outdated or untrue.
WOW does not endorse any third party discount partner or the goods they advertise on our Site.
Any failure by us to enforce any of the above terms and conditions will not prevent us from enforcing them in the future.