Can You Play PS3 Games on PS5?

With newer consoles and updates rolling out, companies finally seem to listen to their customers. As a gamer, it is never an easy decision to give up on a game that you have played for hours in your childhood. Similarly, something that you always wanted to play but couldn’t play because of not having a gaming console is not easy. All these problems seem to be solved since the Sony PS5 comes with backward compatibility.

However, does it solve the problem, or is it just a gimmick? There is lots of confusion still going on as players expect to use their classic game discs on their brand-new PS5 consoles. This article answers all your questions regarding playing classic games on the next-gen consoles.

Everything you need to know or manage before trying to play a PS3 game on PS5

Before getting too excited about playing your classic game discs on the new PS5, you must know that the backward compatibility here is not as straightforward as it sounds. While the PS5 supports playing classic PS games, it does not support using discs from older console versions. Similarly, those games are not available for purchase digitally on the PS store.

The only way things will work out here is by getting a PlayStation Plus Premium membership. This membership gives you a huge library of some of the best PlayStation Classics from the PS3. Additionally, it will not work offline since you will be streaming the game online instead of downloading it on your PS5 and then playing. So, a few things that you must have before beginning the procedure include:

  • A working PS Plus Premium membership (the duration does not matter)
  • A good and stable internet connection that can fluently stream games

How to play PS3 games on your PS5?

Those who have both the membership and a good internet connection can try the steps below. If you lack any of these, you must get it beforehand, as the steps won’t work otherwise.

Start your PS5 and ensure a good network connection.

Start the PS5 console and right away go into the settings. You need to test the internet connection and ensure that the internet connection, PSN Sign-in, and Obtain IP address options have “Successful” status. A stable internet connection will also be essential, and it is recommended to switch to an ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi if your connection is struggling.

Go to the library of games on PS Plus.

Go to the home screen and into the PS Plus option. There, you will see the Classics Catalog of PS3 games that you want to go inside. This library is only accessible after your PS Plus Premium membership is confirmed, and remember that it does not work with Essential or Extra memberships.

Stream the PS4 Game to play it.

You may select and locate any game from the library that you want to play and press “X” to go into game details. It will give you an option to stream the game. As you press the stream button, the game will start streaming on your PS5, and that’s the only way currently supported to play a PS3 game on your PS5 console.

Remember that if a PS3 game is remastered and added to the store for PS4 or PS5, then you may be able to download the remastered version with better graphics and performance. This way, these games work offline, and you may have a better experience overall if your internet connection struggles. Want access to the best Entertainment student discounts? Your in luck! Check out the top promo codes and deals for PS4 & PS5 here. 

What are the challenges of playing a PS3 game on PS5?

While the PS3 games work on PS5, there are certain challenges that you may face during the setup and gameplay. The top challenges you will face when trying to play classics include:

  • The PS5 does not natively support PS3 games, which means games purchased in your account or old game discs are not usable on the PS5.
  • You don’t actually run the game on your hardware, but you are streaming it, and that can be a challenging thing if your internet connection is not very strong.
  • Even when you enjoy the classic storyline, the graphic experience and performance may not be the same due to low FPS and resolutions.
  • The controller functions and experience may be limited on PS5 since these games are not optimized.
  • Server shutdowns for the old games may create a problem for games that you want to play online with other players.

Is it worth playing a PS3 game on PS5?

Even when you may face certain challenges, it is always worth playing a classic game since it will be an experience of reliving your childhood memories. Here are a few reasons why it is worth paying for a PS3 game on your PS5:

  • There is nothing better than reliving your childhood memories and getting that classic experience once again.
  • It is an affordable and easier way to stream these games on PS5 rather than buying everything on PS3.
  • You can be a part of a specific gaming community.
  • Older games may provide you with quicker loading times and stable FPS as compared to playing them on a PS3

Is the backward compatibility experience the same with PS4 games?

The backward compatibility experience is not the same with PS4 games, as it is much better. The discs of these games are supported by the PS5 directly. Similarly, those games are still available to be purchased digitally on the PS Store.

Once you have that game, you can play it like any other game on the PS by downloading it. Hence, the backward compatibility is limited for classic PS3 games, but it is much better for PS4 games.

Final Remarks:

As gamers, we always have the desire to dive into one of those nostalgic experiences by playing a game we spent our childhood playing. For most of us, PS3 classic games are the best combination of graphics and storyline from that era, but the older generation of consoles is getting difficult to keep up, and the lack of backward compatibility further increases the problem.

However, the Sony PS5 seems to pull away all the barriers since it supports backward combability. If you own a PS5, you can now play classic PS games from the PS3 era and even the older versions. While it may bring certain benefits, it has some challenges of its own.