Fraser Island 2 Day ECO Tour

Our Fraser Island 2-Day tours are particularly designed for the avid Adventurers who wants to get outdoors and have fun while enjoying a unique Fraser Island ECO Experience.

We have become famous on Fraser Island for our ability to have fun wherever we go. The Sunset Safaris ADVENTURE TOUR is the number 1 choice for university groups, students and backpackers. We go more places and have more fun than any other tour group on Fraser Island, without spoiling the Eco Experience.

Our 2-Day Tour is the most relaxing tour to Fraser Island, giving you the choice to take things easy, or party hard and live life to the full. Find out why Student Wow Card Travel is the people’s choice tour company for you…

INCLUDES a FREE Cooloola N.P Tour on the way to or from Fraser Island, taking the beautiful beach way rather than the road, seeing: Noosa North Shore & the Wild Kangaroos. 4WD along the magnificent Teewah Beach Check out the awesome colours of the RED CANYON See the 72 colours of sand along the World Famous Rainbow Beach. This tour does not take time away from your tour of Fraser Island, as this is a short cut between Brisbane and Fraser Island.

ALSO INCLUDED is all meals while on Fraser Island worth over $45 at no extra cost.

2 Day Fraser Island ECO Tour

Departing from Sunshine Coast Weekly
$ 309 + $60 National Park Fee
  • All Food
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Guided Tour
  • FREE Wifi
  • Swimming Pool
  • 4WD Bus
  • Bar
  • Smoking Area
  • Beach Activities

About Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the great MUST SEE destinations in Australia. The “World’s Largest Sand Island” is a unique paradise of golden beaches, rolling surf, crystal clear lakes, and ancient old growth Rainforests. For many visitors, this is the highlight of their Australian experience. The lakes and Rainforests on Fraser Island are very unique in the world, and we get to see the very best of these magnificent attractions. On our 2-Day tour of discovery, we will take in Lake Birrabeen, a crystal clear perched lake that dreams are made of.

You will discover the incredible beauty of the Fraser Island Rainforests with its huge trees and Rainforest vines. We will also see the “Invisible Creek,” with water so clear, it can be invisible to the naked eye. Fraser Island also boasts to having the purest breed of Dingo in the world, which are found all over the Island. Whales and Dolphins are seen swimming all along the beaches of Fraser Island, and with the best sightings seen from the amazing INDIAN HEAD, Sunset Safaris gives you the PERFECT opportunity to experience nature at it’s best. Eurong Beach Resort is right on the beach, with your hotel suite within seconds of the surf beach and restaurant. We visit more places, because we have more permits to visit more areas.