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20% Off Student Discount

Enjoy 20% Off Toppik Student Discount when you shop online at www.toppik.com or any of their country domains.

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Suitable for men and women, Hair Fibres instantly give you the appearance of thicker, fuller hair by concealing signs of thinning. Made of natural, coloured Keratin protein that has a strong natural static charge, Toppik Fibres bind electrostatically to your existing hair to give the appearance of volume. The premium Keratin used in Toppik comes from a natural source. This Keratin is nearly identical to that found in human hair and so blends undetectably. Other fibres brands are derived from lower-grade sources of Keratin such as found in plant based materials and rayon meaning that they do not have a comparable static charge. Consequently, there is nothing attracting them to the hair, so they tend to clump, shift or fall onto the scalp and look unnatural. Get the latest TOPPIK student discounts, promo codes & coupons at Student Wow Deals today.