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In fact, the Hamleys story began in Cornwall, England, with a man called William Hamley who could have become a tin miner, or a fisherman…but he had other ideas. William dreamed of opening a toy shop, and in 1760 he did just that, little did he know that it would become The Finest Toy Shop in the World. Today we find Hamleys in its famous location at 188-196 Regent Street, London, England. Walk through the doors and enter a world of fun, magic and theatre at the Finest Toy Shop in the World. Over the squeaking, bleeping, whizzing and chiming of toys, you hear children laughing excitedly as they explore and play on seven wonderous floors of all the best toys and games. Get the latest Hamleys student discounts, promo codes & coupons at Student Wow Deals today.