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No doubt technology has significant benefits for our lives. However, we should be more informed about their potential risks and utilize them more safely. It’s similar to taking simple but risk-reducing actions such as wearing seatbelts and staying within speed limits when driving cars. Many of us were not surrounded by wireless radiation since birth, but our children will be for many more hours each day and many more decades than any of us were ever exposed to during our adult years. By listening to parents' concerns, connecting with the scientific community, and designing practical solutions for our modern lives, today Belly Armor’s website is viewed by people all over the world and our products are sold globally – a testament that people worldwide have similar concerns about wireless radiation. Inspired by the feedback and support from our customers and fans, our Belly Armor team is ever more dedicated to our mission. Get the latest Belly Armor student discounts, promo codes & coupons at Student Wow Deals today.