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Picture of By Lacee-Ann Froeschl

By Lacee-Ann Froeschl

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As we all know, being a student is tough in many ways. Sometimes it means being #brokeand laying low until pay day. But fear not, there’s more to your student entitlements than government funding and cheaper public transport. From $20 off Woolworths Online orders to discounted gym memberships, movie tickets and fun activities, we’ve found the Sunshine Coast’s best student discounts with Student Wow Deals. 

I mean, every dollar saved is a dollar made, right?

grilld sweet potatoes

What do you call a potato after it’s been sliced? Chip.

Ignoring that lame attempt at a joke, how many times do you say to yourself “I just want a burger that tastes like a real burger”?

Well, at Grill’d, burgers are done good. With your Wow Card you can enjoy a side of FREE chips. What a peel… I mean, steal!

Open from 10.30am to 10pm, seven days a week, Grill’d not only offers you a variety of fresh and healthy burgers, but also locally farmed produce to help support Aussie farmers.

With a selection of Prime Moo-vers, New Pork City, Rama Lamba Ding Dong burgers and much more, you’re bound to keep coming back so why not save a bit too? Eating there just five times a year saves you over $20 just on chips! That’s $20+ for other important things like bills, textbooks and… never mind.

End your day studying or working on the right note, when you dig into a delicious, healthy burger and FREE chips at Grill’d – I know I would! Check out our website for participating Grill’d stores.

Speaking of food, how about those nights where you just want some great chef-cooked cuisine but can’t leave the house or you’ll miss the latest Game of Thrones episode? Or those mornings you’re so hungover that you shouldn’t drive to Maccas for your post-big- night- grease-feed?

Uber eats burger and chips

Just like Student Wow Deals, UBER Eats have partnered with the Sunshine Coast’s favourite
restaurants, allowing you to enjoy great tasting food in the comfort of your dim-lit bedroom.

Available throughout most of Maroochydore and surrounding suburbs, if your anxiety is
getting you down, your schedule is busy or you’re just lazy, you can stay at home from 10am
to 10pm, seven days a week, if you wanted to. They do all the work for you – ordering,
picking up and delivering to your door.

Arriving in a car, bicycle, motorbike or heading downtown on a moped, cruising through the
valley, this amazing food service is offering a $10 discount when you order online with the Wow Deals Promo Code!

If you’re like me and want a nicely cooked meal at least one night out of seven (instead of two minute noodles or a plain bowl of veggies), use the promo code below to save $10! Whether you put that $10 in your piggy bank or spend it on food for UBER Eats, it’s still better than 1988 Mariah Carey hair. But if you’re after something quicker but still cheap and healthy, read on!

Subway student discount

Whenever I think of Subway, I start smelling the delicious aromas of warm bread, garden-fresh salads and, not to forget to mention, those heartfelt baked cookies.

Being the largest submarine sandwich chain with over 1400 stores in Australia, they can whip up anything from chicken teriyaki and pizza subs to steak and cheese wraps or salads bowls. It’s a one stop sandwich shop where you can enjoy a FREE small drink and FREE cookie with any purchase of a footlong sub. I highly recommend the white choc macadamia cookies – they’re like heaven in the shape of food!

If just the thought of that has your mouth watering (like mine), pick up your Wow Card and head to your closest participating Subway. As a student, it’s most likely the deal you’ll use most, so check the website for participating stores. As Subway says; Eat Fresh!

On that note, here’s one last food deal that’s guaranteed to ‘spice’ things up a bit.

4. Thai Frenzy Buderim 25% Off

4. Thai Frenzy Buderim 25% Off

Thai Frenzy Buderim is offering 25 per cent off everything, both dine-in or take away on
Monday and Tuesday nights ONLY, just for us!

So, stop searching for that perfect Monday-itis or Tuesday Blues feed, as it’s right here,
available for order between 5pm and 8pm.

From traditional Pad Thai to French Duck Curry, I promise the dish size will last you for at
least two dinners – unless of course, you love Thai food and will eat until you feel sick.

In regard to savings, if you order Pad Thai 10 times a year, that’s a $40 back in your pocket
(or two free Pad Thai’s). Why not make it $55 if the French Duck Curry is more your thing!

It’s also BYO friendly, so you can sip on some wine or vodka for free, also.

What’s that? Where’s the dessert discount? Right here!

5. House of Gelato 10% Off

5. House of Gelato 10% Off

Like any basic human essential, ice-cream can hurt a student’s budget like a punch can hurt a face, a 5000-word essay can hurt my feelings or studying can hurt my social life.

The people at House of Gelato and Student Wow Deals have realised this and decided to bless you with 10 per cent off each visit. Open every day, the Authentic Italian Dessert bar has 24 flavours of gourmet gelato and sorbet on offer to tantalise your taste buds. And if you’re anything like me, ice-cream is my go-to sweet when I’m stressed about uni, so having a discount on my side definitely benefits the process.

If you think about how many times we stress in a year, there are at LEAST 10 moments
(probably an understatement) that you may indulge in a triple scoop of gelato. Am I right? Saving 10 per cent on 10 occasions amounts to an entire ice-cream for FREE!

I repeat, an ENTIRE triple scoop of 95 per cent fat free gelato for FREE. Who wouldn’t want

Australia Zoo Koala with Bindi Irwin

If you’re an international student on an overseas study trip, or just a local wanting somewhere new to adventure, you can’t go past ‘The Home of the Crocodile Hunter’. With a Wow Card you can save 10 per cent off the already discounted student admission price! Australia Zoo has offered an array of fun and exciting things since 1992, when four acres of land turned into a sanctuary of vicious and not so vicious animals. With your Wow Card entry coming in at just $42.30, you can meet over 1200 animals from

Aussie crocs, wombats and dingoes, to dinosaur-like cassowaries, Komodo dragons and their newly migrated meerkats. If simply seeing these precious creatures isn’t enough, why not feed the giraffes, take a tour of the park, or if you’re more into the fluffy, cute things like me, try cuddling the koalas.

While these are among the less nerve-racking of activities, watching croc handlers risk
getting their arms chomped off (like me last week) or snapping a photo with the tigers (not like me last week), are possibly only for the brave. Easily accessible by car, bus or train, and only a 60-minute drive from the Brisbane Airport or seven minutes from Beerwah train station, why not take the chance to snap a Post Malone

‘koala’ selfie too?

How about something indoors that also won’t break the budget? Look no further than Suncity Tenpin Bowling!

Unlike most weekend activities, bowling is one of those indoor sports that almost any age can participate in. Whether you’re 18, 30, or 60, there’s just something about the suspense of watching the bowling ball roll towards the pins that can add excitement to anyone’s day – including your mates’, before, instead of or during a weekend bender. Trust me, I know. Open seven days a week from 9am until late, you can enjoy 25 per cent off your first and second game. That’s two games of bowling for $15.75! And if you’re one of those who are lucky enough to have five social outings a year, you can save about $80 just by having some fun (and showing your Wow Card).

Perhaps you’re more of an adrenaline junkie who thrives off exhilaration and nerves? In that case, bring on… skydiving!

Although it’s not necessarily an everyday necessity, it surely is a mid-semester activity that won’t rate too poorly.

Take a leap of faith (literally) from up to 15,000ft in the air with Skydive Australia! Offering
tandem skydiving across some of Australia’s most spectacular beach, city and bushland panoramas, Skydive Australia is giving Wow Card holders $40 jumps over all locations Australia wide for $40 cheaper!

Jumping out of a plane from 15,000ft, falling for what seems like an insanely long and life- changing 60 seconds and floating under canopy for five minutes is exactly what every student needs.

What you experience when freefalling up to 200km/h is thrilling. Floating towards the
ground, soaking up the spectacular views gives you the chance to forget about all of the
deadlines looming upon your shoulders.

And, regardless of how frightening it seems to jump out of a perfectly working plane, it’s
definitely worth stepping out of your comfort zone to get a short break from reality – trust me, just check out how much fun I’m having!

If the God of Thunder decides it should rain, fear not – the Sunshine Coast’s multi-award
winning, all weather visitor attraction, Sea Life Mooloolaba is where you ought to be. Open from 9am to 3pm, seven days a week, this aquarium sanctuary is a great opportunity to dive below the coastal line and experience the sea floor with or without getting your toes wet. With over 10,000 of the world’s most precious marine animals on display, you can not only learn about our marine life, but also touch the starfish, interact with the seals, watch them splash and wave in show and even “find dory”.

Take a walk through the Oceanarium and witness every angle of the great ocean depths and the animals that live within the Coral Cove and Shark Shipwreck. You are surrounded by lemon sharks, stingrays, groper fish, sawfish, even Nemo’s, Gill’s, Dory’s and Crush’s – almost as if you were swimming with them.

Speaking of swimming, for those after a more adrenaline pumping activity why not take the plunge into the shark tank for 1.5 hours, at the Sunshine Coast’s only shark diving
experience. Like entry, you can receive 20 per cent off, if you dare.
Just remember to “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”.

Last, but not least – what about transport? Cut the stress of finding a park at Sunshine Plaza or a DD for that party on the weekend and hop on this magical carpet ride called Uber. When you’re trying to get from point A to point B, or to uni for that very important test you’ve been studying for since the night before, worrying is the last thing you need.

Order an Uber with their app and use the promo code from our website to enjoy $20 off your first ride. So, head to our home page, grab yourself a Student Wow Card membership and start reaping the benefits! Since grabbing mine a month ago, I’ve pocketed over $100 in discounts already!

#GladWeCouldHelp​ #WowDeals

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