Banking & budgeting

Banking & budgeting

Best automatic savings apps and bots

Picture of By Abigail Hua

By Abigail Hua

In Budgeting & Banking

Can a chatbot really help you manage your cash? These virtual personal accountants are thought to be the future of banking – here's how it works.

There’s a whole slog of interesting new automatic savings apps emerging from the FinTech scene at the moment (that’s ‘financial technology', in case you're wondering).

These apps use intelligent software to understand your spending habits, in the hope of helping you improve your money management, and even start saving some cash in the process.

Oh, and you'll also be hooked up with your own personal savings chatbot who you can chat to about your finances when you feel like it!

But how will these bots help improve your finances? There's only one way to find out! We've downloaded, used and reviewed the best in this guide.

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