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10 Honest Ways to Make Money as a Student

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Download these apps and start using your phone to its full effect (after you've read this article, of course).

Despite what you might hear from your parents/grandparents/anyone who thinks they've mastered the art of satire, smartphones really aren't that bad. Sure, a smartphone will never be able to give you the thrill of running through a field of wheat (naming no names), but that can be said of almost anything. What phones can do (and a field of wheat never could) is make your day-to-day life easier in almost every way. In fact, short of something that can read your mind and turn everything you know into an essay, there are thousands of apps out there that are genuinely worth your time (and sometimes money). You could even say that they'll make your life a little bit appier 😎. We've put together a list of our favourites down below. These apps will help streamline your life and give you more time to make money, but if you're after some apps dedicated to boosting your bank balance, check out our list of the very best money saving apps!

Apps for the lecture theatre


Evernote logoGood for: Keeping all your notes in one place

Cost: FREE | Platforms: Android, iOS

Note taking apps are ten to a penny, but there’s one that stands out from the rather sizeable crowd: Evernote.

The app’s biggest selling point is the ability to sync your notes across all devices, meaning you can type on your tablet and then access all your lecture notes on your laptop when it’s essay time. Once they’re saved, you can search for any word that appears in the text.

If you’re thinking “hey, that’s a cool elephant-based logo, but I prefer to handwrite my notes”, worry not. Evernote allows you to take pictures of your written notes and upload them to the app. Assuming you’ve not got some seriously messy handwriting, you’ll then be able to search for words just as you would with a typed note.

What we like most about Evernote: You can share your notes with other Evernote users, so it’s easy to get the lowdown if you or a friend ever miss a lecture.

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